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Nuke ToolKit


Commonly used tools for 2d artists working at studios that don't have either a pipeline or the common extra tools that don't come with nuke as standard but are installed at most larger studios. Most of these tools are available elsewhere on the internet in various different places mainly link) These tools keep their original licence. The licence is maintained with the source of the code, not on this website. All code has in its header: original found source internet link, version, name, author, and if there are any changes to the original source. The difference here is that
  • this is a selection.
  • the code is in text 'cut & paste' straight into nuke form, no downloading required.
  • no gizmos, no plugins, only groups, so the tool code is local to the script and so will work in environments that don't have the required dependencies i.e. you download this on your local workstation and the tool will still work on the farm and on other workstations.
  • checked for bad channels.
  • some tools have been forked with additional changes.
  • the code is on a online code repository for ease of revising, collaboration or forking.
  • the code maintains licence, version, original author, last author, last modified date.


read before downloading




Rotate Normals

Bump Normals



File Path Write



Fractal Blur

Defocus Vignette

Convolve Vignette





UV Tile

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