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  • vfxwiki.org is a non-commercial educational site on the subject of visual effects in the moving image arts.

Editing the wiki

  • editing the wiki can be done after registering to prevent spam. a password is required: contact ushttp://vfxwiki.org/tiki-contact.php"(external link) class="wiki wikinew">?
  • all media or text that is not originated by the wiki author must reference the original work in its own separate box with Author name (full name if avaliable), Title of work, Date, Protocol and address .i.e.""Hope. R. Bob. 'Smoking golf balls' 1968 http://www.subgenius.com/(external link) (cache)""

Copyright Notice

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
The wiki maintains the works title, year work was made or edited and the authors name or names. This has to be entered each time a new contribution is added to a page
If an author / editor wants to retain sole licence of a whole page rather than parts of a page they must create a page via My Tiki/My pages and inform an admin to place it in the appropriate place in the wiki structure. The author will then be the only peorson permitted to edit that specific page
Any quotes or media used as reference that have been previously published must be clearly separated from the rest of the page with a box and be accompanied by a link(if from the internet), and title, date and author


Any one affiliated with vfxwiki.org does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on vfxwiki.org, and is not liable for the next apocalypse or any other consequences arising from the use of information on vfxwiki.org.




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